How to find us

To get directions to Grange Court using Google Maps:

  • Click here to open the directions interface on Google Maps.
  • Grange court will be set as the “to” detination [A]. Use “from” [B] in the Search box. For example, you can type in “Belfast International Airport”. For each of the methods listed above you can specify your method of transportation at the top of the left panel. If you want to reverse the route, click the double arrow to the right of the destinations.

    Tips and tricks

    • Add multiple stops on a single route by clicking Add destination in the left panel. You can also right-click an area on the map to add a destination.
    • If you create a trip with multiple destinations, you can reorder them by clicking and dragging the green labels associated with each address at the top of the left panel.
    • To customize your route, click and drag any point on the purple directions line to any location on the map. Google Maps immediately re-creates the directions on both the map and left panel, and also updates the estimated travel time and distance.
    • Avoid highways or toll roads by clicking Show options in the left panel and selecting the appropriate checkbox.
    • View street-level imagery by hovering over each step of the route and clicking on the Street View icon.